Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Domaine name changed

Well the economic crysis hits everyone in one way or another, although in the economic way mostly. We had to give up all our domine names and hosting provider, so sadly all the images on this site are lost. They will be replaced over time, as this blog works as a reference site and knoledge sharing all the content is continualy visited and reviewed.
My apologies for the trouble this may cause.
Actually we are keeping just one tanke, the 55 galon. It has become very stable, the fish on it has been alive since more than a year including the Scalare couple and the 4 blue Gouramies.
The bottom of the aquarium keeps clean with a school of diferent species of corydoras, and the inside glass is on charge of a single Plecostomus.
Well the task now is to replaces the missing images. So until the next time, good luck.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Just a little update. The crayfish died about a moth ago. I guess it was it time becasue the water was always cleana nd there was plenty of food.

The angelfish are doign fine and we just introduce a small plecostomus.

In the big acuarium the plecostomus died so it was replaced.

We went to Chile for two months and when we came back I was amazed to see that the tanks where looking clean yet. Either way I clean them and changed water. Having bigger filters that what the tank really needs is very good idean.

It is summer here and is getting very hot. we have AC btu even though the water is about 78 in the day. I guess I can put some ice cubes sometimes uh?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Crayfish catching some fish

Aquariums are a piece of nature, a chunk of the habitat its dwellers lived. As it is, some creatures eat meat and others are vegan, and we have the responsibility to feed these creatures with the food they are used to, because that will ensure they are healthy and happy.

We are keeping a crayfish in a 20 gallon tank, and the only things that was doing was trying to escape, as you saw in the last video.

Just before we are leaving to Chile, we decided that would be much healthy to left the crayfish with some other fish, because just seen movement around and other fish will help to dis-stress the crayfish for a while.

So now is very busy trying to catch those fish. The following video was taken right after we drop the fish there so she was very hectic, but after a while, Calipso, as we named it, catch a fish (not shown in the video) and consumed it in few seconds.

I’m glad that was quick, and didn’t left half fish dying slowly.

So this is the nature way.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Crayfish escaping by the filter

This is the last video for the Crayfish, we are leaving in 2 days to Chile for two monts.

Bye Crayfish

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Leaving for 2 months

All the fish we introduce last time died, except for the 4 gouramies and on plecostomus. The rest are gone as the water was poisonous. The problem is that I had to put the fish right away in the tanks as the quarantine tank is been used by the crayfish.

Next Wednesday Im leaving in a two months trip and there are an infestation affecting the platies in the big tank. Most of them had died and the survivors are whit fungus. I made a 90% water change and clean the bottom, so I hope they recovered and resist for the 2 months.

I put the 4 neons I had with the crayfish in the 20 gallon tank, along with the scalars. There are many plants in that tank so they may be ok. There is no fish to clean the plants, so when I am back I may find the sword with black leafs.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Crayfish grows


IMGP5116 Today when I saw the crayfish looks some weird to me. It’s bigger now as it moult last night. The exoskeleton was lying looking like a dead crayfish. It is amazing how this animals grows.

If I turn the light on it blinks the eyes. For today it will be better with the light off.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Crayfish attack angelfish

The blue crayfish seems to contaminate the water a lot. The water in the 20 gallon tank was unclear and smells. One factor that may be important is that we removed from that tank a plecostomus and 3 corydoras, which help to clean.

We thought days ago to separate it due it violent behavior. We got gravel (white) and some stones to suit the crayfish in the small 10 gallon tank. I was thinking to do that tomorrow but this night I heard a splash and when I look at the 20 gallon tank the crayfish had a angel fish grabbed from the dorsal fin (upside down), as the fish tried to escape the lobster tear all it fin, the fish swim away dizzy, staying in a odd position for a while. It probably was half sleep as the crayfish try to get it. I turn on the light and feed them to make them go to the surface.

I set up the small aquarium right away and now I’m finishing of clean the 20 gallon tank. Tomorrow pictures.